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Our Approach


Collaboration and co-creation

Co-creation is at the core of what we do.
Our collaborative approach to working with clients, co-creates successful strategies resulting in increased value of their business. Whether the 'value' is co-created by acquiring or retaining clients, increasing sales revenue, gaining market share or entering new markets, SGB-AMANAH work with you, to make it happen. 


Our work is subject driven

Bespoke service

We do not implement off-the-shelf solutions.

Only after discussing your requirements, your ambitions and analysing your business do we evaluate and recommend a suitable strategy that will add value to your business - each strategy is unique, just like your company.


Results orientated

Our philosophy is that every business we work and collaborate with should benefit from an increase in value, which should be tangible and measurable, it is a results orientated approach that maximises the return on our clients investment.  


Co-pilot approach

Each project we undertake is different and unique, however we take a consistent approach to adding value to our clients business.
  • Driven by you ( what you want for your brand )
  • By your market ( what it wants )
  • By the way we collaboratively work together


We understand people, business and innovation. We quickly analyse businesses and through listening and qualitative in-depth interviews we establish the needs of our clients business. We assess the issues and by adding our unique insight, experience and expertise, quickly co-create innovative ideas with our clients, that leads to improved performance and increased value.


Our co-pilot approach with clients, help us work together with one common theme - to create innovative ideas that improve performance of the business and adds real value to stakeholders.


Trusted partnership and mutual benevolence

A trusted partnership approach and a shared philosophy of mutual benevolence, co-creates value in terms of mutual respect, mutual trust and loyalty on both sides of the relationship, and over time leads to a 'professional friendship', that results in maximising performance and value of the business and the long-term financial stability for our clients.


If you would like to know how we can help increase the value of your business,
contact us today to arrange an informal chat.
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